Our Wild Tribe

Hi there! We are the Rosene Family. Travis, Lexi, Finley, & Zealand

This is where our little family will share our transition into full-time van life with two crazy kids! We’ll share the good, the bad, the ordinary, and of course the funny things that happen when living in 86 square feet with 4 people!

Palm Spring CA, 2018

Dad, Captain of Winnie, coffee maker, location scouter, gps reader. Travis built our van from the bottom up. He enjoys surfing, spearfishing, climbing, skateboarding, and taking photos. He’s a good cook and an even better dancer.

Mom, Co-pilot of Winston, backseat driver, snack maker, booty wiper. She enjoys almond milk lattes, hiking, online shopping, taking photos, and beach days. She loves connecting with other moms, designing our future home via pinterest and cooking for her family.

Skip is our high energy, compassionate, sassy, smart, independent, fearless 4-year-old. She goes from 0-100 when she wakes up. She enjoys riding her scooter, dancing to loud music, painting, surfing with dad on our long board, eating like an adult (4 piece salmon nigiri, miso soup w/ extra tofu, Philadelphia roll with lemon – in case you ever take this girl to sushi).

Teaky our yummy chubby one year old. He eats like a teenage boy, he is really silly and likes to make people laugh. He is known for his awesome expressions, crawling over to people and chatting with them or showing off his belly button. He enjoys his daily smoothie, walks in his stroller and skateboarding with dad. He too is fearless like his sister and likes to go head first off of things.