As a young married couple, we live in a world where things like debt, and working 60 hours a week, and missing your kids childhood, and buying a house worth 6x more than you make in a year, and being able to buy a car that you know you can’t afford, and keeping up with the joneses, and collecting things, and then having too many things that you have to pay for a storage unit to put your overflow of things in, and feeling successful based on how much you have,  and marriages fail because you go separate ways each day pursuing different goals, and health issues from sitting at a desk 8 hours a day…… all of these thing are considered normal.

Hi, we’re Travis and Lexi, and we disagree with all of the above.

kissing under old cactus in San Clemente CA

We have always gone against the norm since the beginning of “us”. It’s just what we do.

Rewind to 2007. We were teens who fell hard. A few months after we seriously started dating we started our first business. A few months after that we started a second business. First we worked and purchased  a dye-cut plotter machine. We were designing logo’s and printing stickers (all self-taught) for local businesses at the age of 16. Our second business was a faith-based clothing company. A few years after, we went against our parents wishes and moved in with each other while we attended community college in San Diego (both of our majors were undecided, and we both had jobs). We noticed a few things during that short time. 1- College was not for us. 2- We were too entrepreneurial-minded to be sitting in a classroom while we could be at home creating and doing something we’re passionate about. Before we married in 2012 we had started around 5 small businesses. We were crazy in love and spinning with excitement for life, we promised each other back then that we would never lose that with age.

Quiver of Surfboards San Diego Ca 35mm Hiking Coastal Redwoods California

Fast forward- After a few years living in Northern CA (2014- this February 2018), we were realizing more and more that even though we’re considered young to many, we know the years are passing by and will continue to faster than we like. Why exist if you’re not living!

While in Northern California we ran a very successful company. Travis worked 10-13 hour days, 6 sometimes 7 days a week. We were making good money, had a beautiful home on property in El Dorado Hills, grew our family, but our life felt… stale. We were realizing that although Travis is so talented in what he did, it was not adding value to him or our family. Real heart value, not the dollar amount. The time we were apart, the holidays and birthdays missed, leaving when it’s dark and getting home past bedtime, it took a toll on all of us. We were tired of the grind. After many hard life and business circumstances, that chapter came to an end. We could feel a huge shift coming in our life, but we never suspected it to be this.

We always knew we wanted to live tiny (our first home was a studio on 5 acres), even before it was a movement, but never did i think prior to owning a van that we would be planning to live in one full time. A few weeks after our son, Zealand was born, Travis brought home our 2017 Mercedes Sprinter 3500. After discussions of self converting it for fun and long weekend trips, we quickly realized that there’s this awesome community in van life and it’s actually a thing. We wanted that lifestyle and all that it included. We wanted in.

Finley helping with the Van Build
Rosenes on the Road Van Build

After we made the decision, things moved quickly. We moved out of our home in NorCal, started selling our stuff. We packed our things into a small storage unit in Southern California to temporarily live with family, while we self-convert our van to be fully functional and comfortable for our family. We are going on month 5 of our build and we fully anticipated to be done by now, but if you follow our instagram you know that our life is busy, and that we also get easily distracted by nice weather at the beach and getaways in our unfinished van, we get uncomfortable and crabby when we’re stationary for too long.

We’re getting close to nearing the finish line and we embark on our biggest adventure yet…

Sunset with Mom and Brother Carlsbad Ca

We want to be Intentional with our lives and babies and the short time they are with us. We want to show them the world and see things through their eyes. We want to simplify our life and live minimally. We want to focus on what’s important to us and that is God, our marriage, our children, our family + friends. We want to explore and see new places. We want to be in charge of our children’s education and educate them through experiences. We want to live life on our own terms. We want to see more sunrises and sunsets together. We want to experience the challenges we will face head on living in a van and tackle them together. We want to get out of our comfort zone and be stretched in new ways for our faith to be increased. We want to pay off debt, and grow our savings. We want to see our homeland as well as travel internationally. We want to grow our community. We want to help and encourage parents to continue adventuring through life, that it’s possible to do with children in tow.

disclaimer, there’s more to our why, but i’ll stop there. We have so much to share and are excited to… eventually.